Church Meditates On Truth

The United Church is calling for calm over the injection scare in the nation’s capital. Speaking to EMTV, they said the public should not believe the rumors about triple six.

They clarified that the bible clearly states, that the mark of the beast will not happen in these Millennia. They called on all citizens of PNG, to stop diverting from the truth, and to stay steadfast to the word of God, which is found in the Bible.


Amidst all the confusion, this station thought it was only fitting to find answers to all the confusion from those with a clear conscious. The Church, in particular the United Church, Sioni Kami Memorial, available to give us insight, was Reverend Jack Moha, and Pastor Michael Ila. They referred back to the scriptures found in revelation.


According to scriptures, the mark of the beast will not occur in these Millennia, but after what is called the rapture. Papua New Guinea is predominantly, a Christian country, but many have fallen by the wayside. They urge the public to seek guidance from the bible. They say the confusion by the public, goes back to a lack of awareness.

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