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By Francisca Anania

Climate change poses a serious existential threat to humanity and for Pacific Island Countries including Papua New Guinea; they remain the most vulnerable in the face of climate change. China and Pacific Island countries in the last two weeks converged in two significant events to address climate challenges in the Pacific under the China-Pacific Island Countries Climate Action Cooperation.

Both Second China-Pacific Island Countries Workshop on Climate Change; and a High-level Pacific Island Countries Climate Action Dialogue were held in Liaocheng City in the Shandong Province in China, where representatives from Pacific Island Countries including PNG attended.

The discussions centered on climate governance, regional responses to climate change, and impacts on terrestrial ecosystems, marine ecology, ocean governance, and other significant climate change issues.

China highlighted its commitment to support developing countries in the region through the south-south cooperation by assisting capacity-building, technology transfer, and financial support and research.The CPICCACC launched in April 2022 stands as testament to solidify China’s assistance in the region after a decade of dedicated research.

Pacific Island Countries shared similar sentiments, acknowledging that the China-Pacific Island Countries Climate Action Cooperation is essential for addressing immediate challenges posed by climate change and promoting international collaboration.

Ms. Jealchris Inji, from the Climate Change and Development Authority PNG, expressed gratitude at the high-level dialogue, saying, “It is an honor for Papua New Guinea to be part of these events and our presence reaffirms our country’s support towards addressing climate change by joining hands with Pacific Islands sister countries.”

Presenting at the High-Level Dialogue, she emphasized the importance of collaborative approach in addressing climate change.

“Despite how many thousands of miles apart; we all as countries share the same ocean; we breathe the same air. We are just one people living on one planet, and our children will share the same future together so this must be the drive for all of us to work collaboratively to address climate change.”

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