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April 22, 2021
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Children need to be a focus during SOE

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The global pandemic has not only had negative stress impacts on adults, but it is affecting children too.

Psychiatrist Dr. Uma Ambi says children may react to stress in different ways.

She also said parents need to respond to their children’s reactions in a supportive way, and listen to their concerns.

“now children actually basically respond to stress in different ways- such as clinging on, anxious, withdrawing, angry and agitated sometimes they come with bedwetting

So for children we need to give attention and extra time and remember they can listen they can speak

 As Papua New Guinea comes together to protect itself from COVID-19, learning how to cope with stress has become vital.

Psychiatrist Dr. Uma Ambi says although adults have their own unique ways of coping with stress during this time, children respond to stress in different ways.

Children need love and attention during difficult times.

“This is the point, outbreak time, that we need to act with love”

And Dr. Ambi advises that as much as possible, don’t instill fear in their minds about COVID-19, but use this time to give them factual, clear information about how to reduce the spread of the virus.

Now that they are at home and not going to school, create or keep routines and scheduled times for them, including school or learning, as well as time for safely playing and relaxing.

Remember to listen to your children, speak kindly to them, and reassure them.


By Lillian Sopera Keneqa, EMTV News, Port Moresby



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