Chief Zurenuoc: Fresh Inquiry On Missing Scientists

Chief Secretary, Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc, today said the Police Hierarchy was on top of the recommendation made by the coroner, to conduct fresh investigations into the missing IMR scientists, after it concluded its inquest into the matter.

He says the priority now was to quickly act to apprehend Jerry Wani, the eighth person in this matter, who is presumed alive, and could be in Kimbe.


Sir Zurenuoc, in an exclusive interview with EMTV today, also expressed disappointment at the way this matter was handled by Kimbe Police.


Sir Zurenuoc, thanked Coroner Lawrence Kangwia, and others who assisted him to come up with more information into the missing scientists, although no conclusive evidence was received.


He said from the coroner’s report, Jerry Wani, the person who claimed to be a relative of Team Leader Gibson Gideon, could be alive, and he should be the main focus of the new investigation into this matter.


He said police are already working to implement the first recommendation of the coroner to conduct fresh investigations, and once all scoping and preparations are done, investigations should start.


He said it was important to reach a conclusive report, so all parties to this matter, especially the relatives, are satisfied.


Sir Zurenuoc, further said failure by the police in Kimbe to follow up on leads provided during the different phases of the search and investigation, was negligence on their duties, and he intends to refer those officers concerned to their head of department to deal with.


He said the search into the missing scientists would have produced different results if the police and the doctor tasked to retrieve forensic evidence, did their work.


He also called on the community in the area where the scientists went missing, to do their part as responsible citizens to come forward with the truth as to what happened, so a conclusion can be reached and the matter laid to rest.

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