Car Crash Reveals 3 Fugitives

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A car crash has led to the capture of three fugitives.

The incident occurred after three men in a stolen bus where caught in a traffic jam near traffic lights in the nation’s capital.


NCD police at the scene of the accident said the vehicle had been reported stolen two weeks ago.


They say the law eventually catches up with you, which is exactly what happened today.


A bus that was stolen two weeks ago was driving up from Gerehu when it got caught in traffic at the traffic lights near Boroko Motors at Waigani.


The culprits found out the hard way, wisely not pulling a high-speed stunt on the congested roads in the nation’s capital.


Their attempt at a U-turn unfortunately led to a collision with oncoming traffic which included a five-door Land Cruiser and a smaller vehicle.


Of the three in the stolen vehicle, one sustained serious injuries and was brought to the Port Moresby general hospital, while the other two were sent to Boroko Police Station.


Fortunately, no-one was seriously hurt from the unsuspecting vehicles that happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.


The NCD police reported that the number plate of the stolen vehicle had been changed. 


Further investigations will be carried out before formal charges are laid.

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