Buimo Road Elementary Opens Double School Classroom

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The Buimo Road Elementary School today opened a double school classroom funded by Lae District.

Buimo Road is one of several schools that didn’t receive TFF Funds this year.

The teachers and students have been struggling throughout this year to satisfy their teaching and learning requirements without any TFF funding until this month, when a portion was deposited into the school’s account.

The Teacher-in-Charge, Mathilda Lama said the school’s operation suffered due to the delay in funding.

The Buimo Road Elementary School has more than 400 students with three classes of elementary prep that share a classroom.

Lama said the school can only run its operation smoothly if all of the TFF funds are paid.

From the TFF component, 30% of infrastructure cost was to be deposited into the districts account, and then to schools.

The Lae District CEO and the Education Manager said that the 30% has not reached the district this year.

The confusion of the disbursement of TFF funds continues without clear evidence of where the money is, and where the delay is.

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