Buimo Clinic Reopens After Three Months

The Beimo Clinic has reopened three months after a set of blocked toilets forced its closure.

Last week Friday,the clinic staff cleaned upthe place and sorted out medical supply.


Staff saythe blocked toilets have been fixed bythe district administration andthey have cleaned out for the patients to use.


They are looking forward to treating patients again starting sometime this week.


“We will be open this week so we would like all our patients to come here for treatmentostop going to ther clinics,” said Monica Malu Clinic Clerk.


The staff were forced to closethe urban clinic afterthe district administration failed to respond quickly to requests to fixthe toilets.


Following our report onthe situationthe District Administrator, Robin Calastus, sent officials to fix it.


Whenthe clinic closed to patients seeking medical attention were sent tothe main Angau Hospital putting additional strain on a facility that has been facing its own staff issues.

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