Buang Lights Up

It’s another step towards lighting up a remote part of the Morobe Province, Bulolo District.

More than a hundred houses in this village will have electricity to charge mobile phones and power appliances such as electric jugs, fridges and lights.


“I can tell you that Papua New Guinea really wants rural electrification.” Says Bulolo MP, Sam Basil.


Mr Basil has been the force to behind the project, which is arguably the most successful in the country.


“From 2009 till now we have put lights in close to 1, 000 houses. These MSK boxes have been supplied by SVS Electrical to PNG Power for the cost K700. I took samples and sent them to China to produce at a cheaper price. These Chinese MSK boxes have been approved for use and cost only K400.” Mr Basil told villagers at a recent gathering.


Buang’s rural electrification program has created the opportunity for more people to get involved in small to medium business. With Buang having a 3G network, electricity makes it convenient to charge mobile phones for internet banking, and teaching materials.


Bulolo has not received K7 million from last year’s district funds. But it has been able to implement projects and the people benefitting from them are noticing.

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