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Port Moresby
May 17, 2021

Buai Ban Imposed on Police Officers

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NCD’s Metropolitan Superintendent Andy Bewa has now banned police officers from chewing buai while on duty, and banned families of police from selling buai inthe barracks.

Bewa says police should not be seen supportingthe sale and consumption of buai by chewing buai on duty.


He says police have a duty to supportthe efforts of NCD Governor Powes Parkop in implementingthe Beai Ben.


Mr. Bewa is happy withthe look ofthe city and called on police personnel to promote cleanliness.


He says asthe lead agency in enforcingthe law, police must be seen to be doingtheir jobs.


He has also called onthe community to observe rules put in place and to keepthe city clean.


Concerns were raised of police personnel selling buai bags in settlements. Bewa said no one is aboverthe law and called onthe public to report any police officer seen selling buai.


He said it is an offence and such officers will be arrested and charged if reported.


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