Broncos Arrive to a Roaring Welcome in Port Moresby

By Elijah Lavett – EMTV Sports, Port Moresby

The Brisbane Broncos arrived in Port Moresby to a huge crowd waiting outside the Jacksons International Airport. People stood outside the airport for almost 3 hours, waiting for the players to walk out.

Many fans held up banners and signs and wore their Broncos jerseys to the airport. The crowd erupted as the team made their way out, led by Coach Wayne Bennett.

They were welcomed by a dancing group from Vabukori Village.

The players were in awe, as fans rushed towards the team bus to take a closer look at their stars. Police and security guards tried to contain the large crowd as many ran havoc onto the road.

As the team departed from the airport, mad supporters ran after the bus trying to catch a glimpse of the Broncos superstars.

Broncos Captain for this weekend’s match, Alex Glenn, described the arrival as a rock star welcome. Both teams are looking forward to Saturday’s clash, with strong expectations of a bruising encounter.

Elijah Lavett

is the youngest member of the EMTV Sports team at age 20. He is the resident Squash-master, but also enjoys Tennis and is an avid fan of the SP Hunters, all while hosting the long-running Sport Scene program.

Elijah Lavett

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