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Man Accused of Sexual Torture Denied Bail

The 39-year-old Robin Borezi, who was apprehended by Lae Police last week for the sexual abuse and torture of his sister-in-law, was denied bail at the Lae District court today.

The Lae District Court, Senior Provincial Magistrate, Pius Tapil said this was a “sick case of genital mutilation” calling Borezi’s acts “animalistic”.

The court ruled that Borezi will be remanded in custody at the Buimo Correctional Centre, whilst police continue with investigations, in the next four months.

Borezi was apprehended by Lae Police last week Wednesday. The sexual abuse and torture of his sister-in-law went unreported for several months because he threatened to kill her if she reported the matter.

In November and December last year, the abuse heightened with Borezi going further to mutilating her private parts.

He was officially charged with one count of rape, one count of deprivation of liberty, and two counts of unlawful wounding.

Lae Metropolitan Commander Anthony Wagambie Jr said police will compile files and medical reports to ensure the case progresses in court.

He said, Borezi claimed that he had committed a murder in the Oro Province, however, this is yet to be confirmed.

Borezi tried justifying his actions in court saying, he committed this crime because his sister-in-law’s conduct towards other men was unacceptable. He also claims they were recognized as a couple in the community.

Magistrate Tapil said despite being recognised as a couple, Borezi’s actions were not right and is unlawful.

Meanwhile, the victim is undergoing treatment and counselling.

Borezi’s case was adjourned to April 30.

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