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Port Moresby
January 23, 2021

Bando Calls for Forces to Help Remove Guns in Hela

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Hela Provincial Administrator William Bando has urged Joint Forces in Hela to remove guns possessed by civilians in Hela.

Speaking in Tari, Bando said despite the gun surrender operation last year, he wants Police and Defence officers to carryout raids or arrest those still hiding their unlicensed firearms.

“Guns will remain a threat to the development of Hela” said Bando.

Bando said with the National Elections underway, a major threat is the use of guns by candidates or supporters.

He said the Gun Surrender Operation has helped but there are many in hiding.

“Many have died from people using guns and are out on the streets walking freely,” said Bando.

“We must arrest those suspects”, he added.

” I urged the Joint Forces who are in town to help arrest those who are holding onto unlicensed firearms,” said Bando.

Meanwhile, Bando said campaign has progressed well with no major election reported. Bando hopes polling and counting will progress on a positive note.


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