Teachers College Principal: Scammers used my name twice to trick applicants

School-leavers who have filled in their school leaver forms and who are hoping to study at Balob Teachers College in Lae were contacted by an unknown person, claiming to be the principal of the college.

Two school leavers from the Highlands region fronted up at the office of the Principal of Balob Teachers College in Lae this week, informing him that they had paid money into his private Westpac bank account.

The caller asked the students to deposit a certain amount of money into his private Westpac account in order to secure a space at the college next year.

Principal of Balob Teachers College, Jerry Hendingau, says this is the second time for something like this to happen to him.

Mr Hendingau had experienced a similar scam last year on students. They reported that they had deposited some money into his private ANZ Bank account.

It is believed that a large amount of money has already been deposited into this account by someone who claims to be the principal of Balob Teachers College.

The Westpac bank is aware of the situation and is working closely to investigate the matter.

Both the College, and Westpac bank are urging parents to make deposits into the college account only, after receiving acceptance letters from the Office of Higher Education, and the college.

The Principal is also warning other heads of tertiary schools to be vigilant of such fraudulent activities.

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