B Team movie project might be cancelled

Papua New Guinearsquo;s movie project,the Bersquo; Team is given time till March to come up with an answer to whtherthe project will proceed. Co- Producer ofthe film Stanley Nandex is calling onthe Government for urgent assistance orthey’ll losethe project.

Since its launching in March last year,the movie project has attracted interests fromthe Government and Business Houses.

PNG was privileged to have met two great movie stars, Cynthia Rothrock and Don Wilsonthe dragon.  They also metthe Producer for Gorilla Pictures Bell J. Gottlieb. Mr. Gorrlieb says this story is based in PNG and abouPNG.

With commitments made,the project has not received anything. Co- Producer and main cast ofthe Bersquo;Team Movie Project; Stanley Nandex is worrlied thatthe movie might be cancelled.

He said this is a very important project thatthe government have invest in terms of tourism and employment; and also provides opportunity for Papua New Guineas to take part in a Hollywood movie.

Nandex added thatthe benefits ofthe movie will be enormous. It will breakdownthe negative publicity and perception that Papua New Guineahas tothe world.    

With much interest and desire in actingthe movie that portrays positive images aboutthe country despite negative international media perception, Nandex is seeking urgent assistance fromthe Government.

“This is good for the country,the question is; whythe government cannot really look at this,” said Nadex.

Nandex said Gorilla Pictures Hollywood has given this time till next month for an assurance.

He’s inviting potential private entities, companies and investors who are keen to invest to contact his office.

Michelle Jerewai, National EMTV News

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