Anglican Church Against Dealth Penalty

The head ofthe Anglican Church of Papua New Guineahas called onthe government to reconsider its decision to implementthe death penalty.

Clyde Igara describedthe government’s decision to implementthe death penalty as rapid and very incautious.

“I believe that churches have a big role to play in this area rther than cutting life away, that is a life that needs to be groomed and it’s our responsibility,” said Igara.

The death penalty decision was fueled bythe escalating crime rate in Papua New Guinearsquo;s towns and cities.

Betthe church head says killing fellow Papua New Guineas won’t solvethe problem. Archbishop Igara saidthe government’should look at rehabilitating serious offenders instead of killingthem.

“We should have more pastoral care places were our young come, when God findsthem guilty to go through rehabilitation programs designed bythe churches.”

The Archbishop’s comment follows strong opposition from churches in Papua New Guinea in recent months, calling onthe government to change its decision.

Speaking on EMTV about a month ago, Lae’s Catholic archbishop, Christian Beouin shared those same sentiments. He saidthe government must understandthe cause ofthe entire problem before it’starts killing people.

“There are ther things that we can do for sure.  There can be life sentence and not death penalty for the offenders,” said Archbishop Beouin.

The two church heads, have made strong representations onthe work ofthe churches, both saying, churches shouldn’t be left out on decision making regardingthe issue.

Whilethere are indications thatthe government might givethe OK to put serious offenders to death,the public debate between those who go for and those who go against still linger.

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