Air Energi Donates Furniture to Boera Village

The Boera Village Community are proud recipients of office furniture donated by Air Energi Pacifica Ltd.  


The timely donation valued over K40, 000 will help improver a number of village offices, includingthe local Boera Primary School, Church, Clinic, and Village Council Office.

Donated last Monday in a bid to reflectthe company’s core values of inclusivity, Air Energi came tothe assistance ofthe Boera Village Community with much needed furniture.


“The donation of furniture here to Boera village is part our wider social engagement plan withthe community along with investments that we made in our graduate programs. We are a HR Service company and we’re focused on people and improving people’s lives, and wherever possible we’ll do that. And we feel that we’ll be able to that throughthe donation of furniture intothe Boera community,” said Callum Smith, Air Energi.

This is first time in many yearsthe village has received such a donation, particularly for the Teachersofthe Boera Primary School who can now teach have proper desks and chairs.


“The donation will make a lot of difference to our community,” said Vivien McArthur, Boera Villager Council.

A month since her appointment as Boera Village Council, Vivien McArthur saidthe furniture donation was only a start to what see has planned to improverthe livelihood ofthe Boera Village Community.


Caption: Callum Smith, Air Energi.

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