Aihi On Education Program

Former Education Minister, Paru Aihi, who was instrumental in the government policy decision, has condemned the reception to the Access Management control system.

He says none of the survey teams have been out since the 6 mile school incident. He reassures viewers that it has nothing to do with triple six, and he’s calling for people, spreading false rumours, to be reported and charged. Former Education Minister, Paru Aihi, is the chairman of the Nationwide School Survey task force. 


He expresses the same sentiments as the education secretary. He said recent media reports have been damning on the very important government agenda. He says The Nationwide School Survey Taskforce, was set up by the government to conduct a nationwide survey, essentially, to establish an accurate number of schools, teachers and students.


There are economic reasons for the O’Neill Dion government, to sanction the survey. The NSSTF was also mandated to review Education's existing procedures and systems, and recommend the ones that would assist the education department, better manage the education system in this country.


He said over the years, teachers have been paid even when they were not in classrooms or at school. He assures the public that no finger printing of children will be done at any schools without prior proper awareness and consultation.

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