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By Cynthia Maku

The member for Goilala Casmiro Aia has raised questions to the minister responsible for Internal Security Peter Tsiamalili Jr on his department’s stance in addressing transnational crimes in the country.

 “This is the second time a drug trafficking crime has transpired in the shores of PNG without the police acting quick to stop the drugs from reaching the country.” MP Aia said.

He asked Minister Tsiamalili Jr on the stance of his department in addressing transnational crimes. He further stated that foreigners committing crimes in the country should be prosecuted in PNG and not in any other countries.

In response Minister for Tsiamalili Jr said PNG has collaboration with the Australian Police to deal with such crime as this.

 “The perpetrator is not acting along and thus need cooperation from both Australian Police and PNG to investigate and do more arrests.” said Tsiamalili Jr.

Tsiamalili Jr Further added that a transnational desk will be included in the RPNGC department to address transnational crimes.Minister Tsiamalili assured the house that RPNGC is doing its best to protect the country from any transnational crimes.

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