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2017 UNAIDS and UN Women Media Awards

Media has always played an important role in influencing public decisions and in advocating for various social issues.

Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and HIV and AIDS are some of the most talked about issues among many others that affect Papua New Guinea.

Since 2015, journalists have been awarded for their contributions in reporting and advocating on these issues that may stand not so far from their own struggles.

Reporting in times of violence and other health issues that surround the challenging society, journalists, among church groups and NGOs, have been the mouthpiece of cry among their own and other communities.

The annual joint United Nations Program on AIDS (UNAIDS) and UN Women Media Awards presented journalists of various platforms with the following awards:

  • Excellence in Reporting on GBV – Roline Tracey Likas of NBC
  • Excellence in Reporting on HIV and AIDs – Ogia Miamel of the National Newspaper
  • Excellence in Communication – Michealine Moir-Bussy of EMTV Women’s World Program
  • Excellence in Photo Journalism – Imelda Wavik of TVWan
  • Excellence in Editorial Leadership – Christine Pakakota of the National Newspaper

Speaking at the event was PNG Media Council President, Mr Neville Choi, who stated that now is the time for change.

“It’s time we said ‘No’, it’s time we said ‘It’s not right’ and its time we stepped up and be the voice of our people. We need to tell their stories in a way that others can learn from…in a way that affects change.”

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