Health Minister: Three steps for Public Health Progress

The PNG Government is looking at three steps as its priority in improving health in the country.

Health and HIV/AIDS Minister Dr. Puka Temu, said the government is now looking at investing in education, increasing health benefits for the people living in rural areas and promoting primary and essential health care.

Sir Puka Temu said, the challenge now is how to improve service delivery and part of the solution now lies with the health workforce training.

Sir Puka made these remarks during the official opening of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences lecture building this morning.

The building and other white goods and furniture cost K6milliion.

It consists of administrative support needed for quality research, teaching, learning and community service.

The university also plans to develop and construct faculty buildings that will replace the current classroom style setting.

Each faculty building will cater for the staff and the students.

He said educating people among other benefits allows them to obtain safer jobs, increased health literacy and demand better-quality health services.

The Health Department is now looking at establishing the Madang Provincial Health Authority.

Sir Puka said through the Government’s strategic plans and investment in the higher education like Divine Word University, it is hoped that it will enhance the health care delivery in remote areas.

The Minister is also looking at making Modilon General Hospital become part of the Divine Word University.

This will become possible after the setting up of the Provincial Health Authority.

Martha Louis

is a crime and court journalist based at EMTV’s Lae office. She has just joined the television industry after spending two and a half years as a radio journalist. She has a Bachelor in Communication Arts (Journalism) from the Divine Word University in Madang.

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