Death of Fisheries Observer stirs Discussions over Safety at High Seas

Environmentalist and NGO groups have used the WCPFC forum in Manila to air their concerns about Observer safety in the Pacific; following the death of observer, James Nambaru, in June this year.

Granted it is a challenge faced by all seafarers, the Pacific countries have placed a strong focus on observer safety.

According to Alfred Cook from the World Wildlife Fund-New Zealand, the measures put in place to protect regional fisheries observers are not being adequately implemented.

Cook added that the Pacific countries; and regulatory government bodies need to be transparent and release information to the families and the public about observer deaths in a timely manner. It is something he claims is not happening regularly.

Philip Polon, deputy Managing Director for the National Fisheries Authority, gave an update on the death of the late Mr. Nambaru, stating that the case is now in the hands of the Police and not with the NFA.

Leanne Jorari

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Leanne Jorari

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