Works Department: K900 Million Spent on Bridges in Oro, Central and West New Britain

The Department of Works is giving itself a pat on the back after spending around K900 million to repair and rebuild bridges throughout the country.

It’s announced that, in partnerships with aid donors and the Asian Development Bank, 11 high standard Bridges were built in Oro, and the Central Province over the last five years.

Opposition Leader, Don Polye commended the partnership, but he said more bridges could have been built for the money spent.

“They should have built more than 1,000 meters of bridges, the alternative government will build more in that same period, we will build 10,000 meters of road and bridges,” says Polye.

When cyclone Guba struck Oro Province in 2011, bridges were destroyed.

Eroro, Guria, Ambogo and the largest, Kumusi.

The bridges were rebuilt through a partnership with the Australian Government for K139 million.

In the Central province, the Hiritano Highway, two-lane Laloki bridge and several other roads were rebuilt using an K80 million Asian Development Bank Loan.

The West New Britain Province also had assistance with the reconstruction of the Aum and Kapirua bridges.

On the second of March, Works Department Secretary, David Wereh said long-term solutions need to be found on fixing roads and bridges.

“We can say that there has been an increase in overall maintenance funding, I think something around K3.2 Billion kina,” says Wereh.

The Works Department’s announcement comes when the country’s national highways are in dire need of maintenance in sections affected by landslides and floods.

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