Woman Born Without Arms Becomes a Pilot

By Daphne Rasehei – EMTV Online 

Jessica Cox was born without arms due to a non-genetic birth defect, but she never saw it as a restriction. Today she is the first licenced armless pilot.

“I didn’t see my not having arms as a limitation,” she said. 

From the ages of three to 14, Jessica wore prosthetic limbs, but abandoned them after that preferring to use her feet instead.

In an article by Height Post, Jessica revealed that there is nothing that can substitute the tactical ability of flesh and bone – and her feet have that ability.

Jessica can dress herself; drive, she can write, scuba dives, play piano and even surf.

She has been proving that she can do anything that people with arms can do, like being the first armless person with a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, she got married, showing that disability would not be an obstacle to love.

Her quest to become a pilot had set many challenges for her, but with perseverance and thinking outside the box she stated “that innovation starts with declaring I will find a way”.

“It took three years, three different airplanes, three instructors, and 80 hours of flying in three states, and I was a certified pilot.”

With all her goals set, and hoping to have children in the future, right now Jessica and Patrick plan to inspire others.

With the help of her husband Patrick, Jessica inspires and motivates people speaking at events (World’s first certified armless pilot: Jessica Cox at TED) where she demonstrated her inspirational journey to becoming the first Armless Pilot.

“Patrick and I work together to be able to motivate other people.

“We want to bring speaking to other countries and change attitudes about disability.”




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