West Papua: Free Us

The West Papuans want freedom. They told EMTV today that they will continue fighting until something concrete is done, to free them from the Indonesian rule.

They said since coming under the Indonesian rule in 1964, they have lived like foreigners in their own land, and their fight for independence is getting nowhere.


They claim that many lives have been lost in their struggle for freedom, and want the PNG government to bring this issue to the floor of the Parliament.


The fight for self democracy is fifty years old. The West Papuans only want to be free like the other Melanesian countries.


In a media statement released by the Member for Vanimo Green, and Opposition leader, Belden Namah, he called on both PNG and the Indonesian governments, to begin a dialogue on the West Papua Struggle.


He said, the West Papuans are Melanesians, and are the original inhabitants of Irian Jaya until the colonial era.


While most West Papuans praise Namah for his comments in the media statement, they feel that its just words and want something more concrete.


Because of the ill treatment the West Papuans continue to face, most of them have fled their home to seek refuge in PNG.


While our Melanesian brothers are fighting a bloody battle, our government has agreed to allow Asylum Seekers from other nations into PNG, be processed at the Manus Asylum seekers Processing Center.


In the meantime, the ninth Indonesian Legislative election is progressing smoothly at JayaPura, in Indonesia despite the recent border fights between the West Papua Revolutionary Army, and the Indonesian soldiers.


This was revealed by the Indonesian Consul in Vanimo, Jahar Gultom. Gultom confirmed that there was shooting at the border this morning but said, no one sustained any injuries.


The one day election has ended just after six O’clock this afternoon and counting will begin soon

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