Water Supply For Walium Station

by Jack Lapauve Jr – EM TV News, Port Moresby

Communities at the Walium Station in the Usino Bundi District for the first time, will access a new water supply system. The water supply will help those in the area, as the district is currently feeling the pinch of the ongoing dry weather conditions.

Usino Bundi MP, Anthon Yagama, and district officers opened the water project over the weekend.

Costing K250,000, the project aims to solve the issues faced during the dry season while effects of the El Nino sweeps across the country. The water project is the first to be established to serve public servants in Walium and surrounding communities.

Project developer and man behind the initial development of the water project, Alphonse Marpi, says the supply must extend to other wards in the Walium station.

“10 to 15 years Walium e nogat proper water supply system,” said Marpi.

“Mi ken extendim displa project igo lo ol peles if local memba Anthon Yagama support wantem funding,” Marpi added.

A cheque of K50,000 was also presented to NGO, World Vision, for the further provision of water projects in the district.


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