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Villagers raise concerns over Medicine Shortage: On-going Issue

By Lucy Kopana – EMTV News, Lae

Villagers from Asini, in Morobe’s Huon Gulf District raised concerns about medicine shortage, saying it has been ongoing.

The village councilor, Michael Maki, said a lot of villagers have been affected by this.

He had tears in his eyes, when he spoke about how medicine shortage is affecting villagers.

“Planti taim mipela save go long haus sick long ksim marasin em ol lain long helt is save tok nogat marasin, i nogat marasin na ol i save go nating long ples na hevi… hevi bungim ol olsem dai.”

Another villager, Dulcie Jethro, says they are often told that there is no medicine when they go to the local clinic at Buakap – only serious cases are attended to.

“I nogat halivim save kam long sait bilong haus sik long kisim marasin.”

Councilor Maki says its an ongoing problem and villagers need to know why this is happening, as they are often affected by this.

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