Vanimo-Green MP Belden Namah is new Opposition Leader

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Following yesterday’s decision by the then-largest party in Opposition to cross over to government, the remaining five MP’s in Oppositon have elected Vanimo-Green MP, Beldan Namah, as Opposition Leader.

Mr Namah, together with three of his fellow opposition Members, held a media conference this afternoon, stating their reasons for remaining where they are.

According to Mr Namah, the decision to remain in opposition to provide a check-and-balance to government was one of national importance.

As of this afternoon, only five MPs are in Opposition;

  • Opposition Leader and Vanimo-Green MP – Belden Namah
  • Deputy Opposition Leader and Rabaul MP – Dr Allan Marat
  • Kandrian Gloucester MP – Joseph Lelang
  • Kerema MP – Richard Mendani,
  • West Sepik Governor – Tony Wouwou

Whilst the new-look opposition down to just five Members, they are confident of offering sound alternatives to government – something which they say is at the heart of their conviction for not joining government.

When questioned on whether the new-look opposition would welcome the PNC party to its ranks, this was the response;”PNC is in government and they are staying put in government, PNC elected Marape into office,” Opposition Leader, Belden Namah said.

“Marape made a deal with them on the eve of the election of the Prime Minister, went out to Crown Hotel. So if he is gonna sack PNC, then he is not honoring his deal with PNC. So that’s for Marape and PNC to sort out.”

Despite being barely 24 hours into his role as Deputy Opposition Leader, Rabaul MP, Dr. Allan Marat called for Government to use their power wisely, and provide necessary legislative changes to protect PNG’s democracy. More particularly, legislation related to the Independent Commission Against Corruption, and the Whistleblowers Act.

“Politics is not supposed to create murky waters. Politics is supposed to be clean, clear, doing the right thing, behaving in the right manner always for the best interest of our people.



Meriba Tulo

is a Senior Reporter and Presenter and currently anchors Resource PNG as well as EMTV's daily National News.

Meriba Tulo
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