Toropo: No Nepotism in PNGDF

By Mickey Kavera – EMTV, Port Moresby

Several applicants who missed out on selection in the Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) have sighted nepotism as being prevalent throughout the recruitment process.

The enlists, who prefer to remain anonymous, told EMTV News that the recruitment process was a waste of their time and resources, as it seems they were always going to be overlooked.

Commander of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force, Brigadier General Gilbert Toropo, in response to their claims said nepotism is not tolerated in the force.

The applicants who failed to win selection claim only those who have close relations and connections to the PNGDF have been recruited. It comes as a disappointment to many of them.

Toropo says the PNGDF has a strict recruiting process, whereby candidates are selected based on their educational qualification, medicals and entry test results.

He also highlighted that the PNGDF strives to recruit quality soldiers and will not compromise this in the lead up to providing high level national security operations for regional and international events to be hosted by Papua New Guinea in the years ahead.

PNGDF is targeting the recruitment of an additional 5,000 men by 2017, and is on track to achieving this.

If nepotism is found to be practiced, Toropo has vowed to crackdown on this in order to protect the public’s image of the force.

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