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TIPNG Releases Findings on Election Survey

By Theckla Gunga, EMTV, Port Moresby

An observation report released by Transparency International states that the 2017 National Election was not delivered effectively and efficiently.

The report highlights that 34 per cent of the voting population had their voting rights violated, or taken from them.

It also states that polling venues lacked election materials including security personnel.

However, Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato maintained that the 2017 Election was successfully conducted, compared to previous National Elections.

The findings in the Observation Report are based on a Nationwide survey conducted by 313 domestic election observers during the polling period.

These observations covered 536 polling venues in Papua New Guinea, and interviewed 1,527 voters.

Chairman of Transparency International Chairman, Lawrence Stephen said key findings in this report are, the violation of voters right to secret voting, threats to voting on polling day, voters were offered bribe and asked to vote for a particular candidate.

The 2017 National Election was conducted within a three-month period, from the issuing of writs, campaigning, polling and counting periods and the declaration of elected members.

Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, said during the launch of the report that K400 million was given to run the elections.

Gamato said the 2017 Election was well conducted compared to the 2012 election and only recorded 77 Election Petitions at the Courts.

However, TIPNG Executive Director Arianne Kassman said,the Commissioner did not highlight certain issues, like the lack of security during polling, and the high violence experienced during the election period, in all the four regions.

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