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TIPNG Index Ranks PNG as Highly Corrupt

Transparency International PNG yesterday, released the 2019 corruption perceptions index or CPI, ranking 180 countries around the world in how much they are perceived corrupt particularly in the public sector.

Transparency International PNG chairman Peter Aitsi, announced PNG’s rank out of the 180 countries.

 “PNG in the 2019 rankings came in at 28 out of 100,” Chairman Aitsi said.

 The index is compiled by various reputable sources. A country is given a score out of 100, where a 100 means the country has zero or less corruption perception, and a country scoring below 50, is perceived highly corrupt.

PNG’s score on the index scored a 28, not changing from last year, in which case makes the perception on this country’s corruption level, high.

 However, there are plans in which the country can tackle corruption issues. This includes the establishment of an Independent Anti-corruption Enforcement Mechanism.

First is the passing of ICAC (Independent Commission against Corruption),” Chairman Aitsi said.

“And in recent conversations with the Prime Minister, focus will be on the Whistleblowers act. All of this would have positive impacts on improving our score (on the CPI),” Chairman Aitsi explained.

 Present at the occasion was Prime Minister James Marape, who gave his response to the CPI statistics.

He said this year, would see that the Whistle-blowers act and the Independent Commission against Corruption, be in place tackle corruption issues.

“ICAC and the whistleblowers have been around for a while,” PM Marape said.

“I have announced in my first public announcement when we took office, that ICAC and the whistleblower’s act will be a key measure of our seriousness and commitment to reform and change our country for the better,” PM Marape explained.

Has PNG’s Corruptions perception is ranked high, the Marape-Steven Government aims to reduce this statistics in the next 10 years.

PM Marape says that it is also the people’s responsibility to report and speak out on corruption.


By Benjamin Manimbi, EMTV News Cadet, Port Moresby

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