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October 17, 2021

The second national tokples Scripture conference

The Second National Tokples Scripture conference begins on Monday, January 14th and concludes on Thursday, January 17th. The conference will focus on facilitatingthe development and use of Tokples Scriptures. Church lLeadersfrom multiple denominations throughouPNG are coming to Ukarumpa, Eastern Highlands Province to discuss strategies to promote vernacular scriptures and to share experiences relating totheir use. Participants will discussthe church’s involvement in language development and translation efforts.

The conference begins by laying a foundation onthe importance of local languages with seminar topics entitled, “Language andthe Plan of God” and “TheWorldwide History of Translation”. David Gela, Executive Director ofthe Beble Translation Association oPNG (BeA), will present on BeA’s activities and how to take advantage of opportunities to get involved. Another seminar topic is “Revisitgthe Tok Pisin Beble”. Tim Lithgow, Director of SIL-PNG will addressthe assembly and hold discussions on SIL’s language development strategies. Andrew Kwimberi, Chairman oPNG BeA board, principal of Kwimberi Lawyers, President oPNG Christian Lawyers FellowshipInc., member ofthe Judicial Committee on Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) and provisionally accredited mediator withthe National Court of Justice in PNG will deliver a speech entitled, “Role of Beble Translation in Nation Beilding”.


A highlight ofthe program is an address bythe Honorable Julie Soso, Eastern Highlands Provincial Governor.

Later inthe week participants will discuss how churches can partner effectively withthe Beble translation associations within PNG These associations are seekingthe churches’ help to meetthe challenge of over 300 remaining languages without translated Scripture. Several churches in PNG are already partnering and supportingthe language development and translation effort.

Duringthe conference, participants will enjoy interacting with ther church lLeadersand Beble translation workers. Times of worship and discussion are scheduled throughoutthe conference to promote interaction on issues and challenges individual church lLeadersare facing. Participants atthe previous conference valuedthe opportunity to form cross-denominational relationships and to network with thers from outsidetheir area. This conference hopes to build onthe success ofthe first conference held in 2010.

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