The Increasing use of Laptops in Learning and Business Environments in PNG

Laptop, which is just a computer and does all the same tasks as a desktop computer, is the most chosen because of its portability. In this digital age, most employees and employers in the workforce choose laptops when it comes to work that requires them to shift locations.

Students in the universities and colleges in Papua New Guinea prefer a laptop from desktop computers because they bring it anywhere they go. This is from attending lectures, tutorials, laboratory sessions, research or industrial trips and many other outdoor study related activities.

Laptops are highly portable and have over time become part of a university or college student’s academic life in PNG.

Mr Ismael Nelson, a final year Business Management student of UPNG, told EMTV Online that a laptop is important to him to achieve required academic results.

“Without a laptop, I would definitely flunk my courses,” reiterated Nelson.

Nelson believes the laptop is a requirement at the university level.

“Assignments and projects are needed to be typed; electronic copies of notes need a laptop to study and research also require laptops for data collection.”

It is an indispensable tool that every student that enters a tertiary institution, news reporter, freelance writer, business owner and researchers needs.

Most Papua New Guinean university students come from rural areas and have never been or very rarely been exposed to laptops. However, the need to use a laptop eventually forces them to end up with one.

Among many things parents may plan to buy for their child to equip them for studies, especially in university or college, laptop is one basic need that cannot be denied.

Meanwhile, the rising need for laptops in the country has opened doors for business opportunities for businesses both local and international. Local retailers in the likes of Daltron PNG, Able Computing, Datec PNG Ltd and other smaller retailers have become hubs for international laptop manufacturers, and local buyers for all the laptop dealings. Seizing the opportunity, the local retailers are doing well by supplying the people of PNG laptops.

With internet accessibility, individuals and businesses in PNG also decide to purchase their desired laptops online. For example,, an online laptops dealer has recorded testimonials of Papua New Guineans who purchased laptops from it via its website. This indicates a substantial influx of laptops into the country apart from other electronic items.

Laptops can be of the same type, make, or model, but their qualities differ depending on the hardware specifications, such as the processor (CPU) speed, memory capacity, battery life, screen quality, operating system types and hard drive capacities to name a few.


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