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The Amazing Spiderman 2, Movie Review

The Amazing Spiderman 2 comes in with a bang and doesn’t slow down easily in the action front. Andrew Garfield provides a carefree, rangy charm that compliments every scene.

The chemistry between he and his love interest, Gwen Stacy (played by Emma Stone, sharp as ever), is natural and heart-warming.


The movie unveils a handful of sensational backstory to Spiderman’s unassuming childhood, further deepening his mysteries and complicating his troubles.


Jamie Foxx serves up a frighteningly erratic performance as Electro, the crackling blue villain whose freak circumstances genetically mutilate him into an extraordinary electric foe.


The Green Goblin is played by Dane DeHaan; a much more ruthless performance that adds viciousness and ferocity to the character that was previously humbly played by James Franco. The CGI in this film is eye-popping, coupled brilliantly with a prime 3-D experience.


The two villains provide the ultimate showdown but Spiderman’s speed and agility keep up with the charged pace.


Director Marc Webb is responsible for the reboot of this Spiderman franchise but he certainly sets a very different tone – a much darker and serious one – that the Tobey Maguire versions did not capture.


Garfield wears his role with ease and injects just the right amount of comedic quirk that sets the charm on this flick. His battles do not stop at his two new contenders as his home woes eventually unravel the mystery that surrounds his parents.


It is there that Peter Parker must come to terms with his legacy.


I would definitely recommend this movie as it is quite an experience in 3-D and the stellar cast does not fail in bringing across a new and different portrayal of Spiderman, fuelled with restless secrets and thirsty villains.

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