Submission Centres on Type of Firearm Used to Kill and Injure 12-Year-Old

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The Waigani National Court will hand down a verdict on a police officer who allegedly shot and killed a 12-year-old girl in Port Moresby.

Defendant, Jeffrey Sheekiot, was accused to have discharged the firearm that killed the deceased and injured the mother.

Submissions on his verdict were presented by his lawyer Greg Sheppard before Justice George Manuhu.

The submissions this morning centred around the type of firearm that was used to injure and kill the girl.

The defence told the court there were three bullet wounds on the deceased.

According to medical reports, these wounds came from a 9 millimetre ammunition.

However, the court heard that the defendant was in possession of a firearm capable of discharging 5.6 millimetre ammunition.

State prosecutor, Pondros Kaluwin, submitted that the 9 millimetre ammunition bullet wounds on the deceased’s body was a result of the bullet hitting the side of the vehicle before penetrating the body.

Sheekiot was charged with wilful murder, with police alleging that the deceased and her mother were chased by a group of men in a vehicle from Tokarara to Waigani.

This was when Sheekiot and his unit mistook the deceased and fired at them when they were approaching Vision City bus stop.

On September 8, justice will prevail if the court finds the defendant guilty.

Theckla Gunga

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Theckla Gunga

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