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May 18, 2021

Stop Land Grabbing

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The National Lands Department announced on Friday, that it would not be giving land titles to allotments in other Provinces, to those seeking them in Port Moresby.

Lands Minister, Benny Allen revealed that policies and systems have been implemented, to better manage land titles.


Morobe Governor, Kelly Naru says disputed titleholders in Lae, will give back land for proper screening under a new Provincial Land Board.


Amidst the backlog of duplicated land titles given to parties who claim ownership to land, already owned by the state.


The National Lands Department won’t give titles to anyone, seeking ownership of land in other provinces including Port Moresby.


While crooked deals have plagued the Department of Lands Minister Benny Allen says, measures have been taken to curb dubious duplicated land titles.


It’s a new electronic system that will simply sort out records of land titles, and ensure that the corrupt deals, won’t take place in the future.


It comes after two parties with land titles claimed ownership of a section of the old airport last year; a dispute that ended up in court.The parties showed land titles obtained in Port Moresby, after bypassing the suspended Provincial Lands Board, and going straight to National Lands.


Morobes Provincial Land Board was established late last week. Governor Kelly Naru says parties disputing ownership of a land portion in Lae, will be screened by the new Lands Board. An ongoing battle between members of the old board, and the Lands Department, delayed the swearing in of the newly elected board in 2012.


During the dispute allegations, the corrupt deals within the old Provincial Land Board and the National Lands Department surfaced.


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