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State Team to Assess Breakdown of Vital Services in Misima

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill assured the people of Misima that a state team will be appointed and immediately flown to the Island to assess the breakdown of vital services.


He was responding to questions raised by Milne Bay Governor Titus Philemon in parliament this morning.

Governor Philemon based his queries on a special Tokpiksa Report by EMTV’s Lae News Reporter, Edwin Fidelis this week.


Milne Bay Governor Titus Philemon questioned the Prime Minister about a petition presented by locals on Misima Island last year.


Mr. Philemon based his queries on a special Tokpiksa Report that was aired on Sunday about the plight of Misima Islanders since the closure of the mine.


He also questioned Government’s K5 million commitments, every year, to the people of Misima, for damages, after the gold mine was closed in 2004.


The Governor acknowledged the EMTV report and said his people’s standard of living was very poor after the mine closed.


The economy on the Island is currently driven by alluvial mining and the people are working hard to rebuild their lives through subsistence farming and fishing.


The Governor also expressed grave concern about the Woodlark Project currently under feasibility studies.


Prime Minister Peter O’Neill acknowledged receiving the petition.

He assured the Governor that a special team will be appointed and flown into Misima Island to investigate the breakdown of services and give the much needed funding to the people.

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