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October 22, 2021
Mi Ripot

Snake bites and scarcity: The Challenge of treating snake bites in inland Magarida, Central Province

Submitted by Mi Ripota, Lorraine Genia

We were travelling inland through to Magarida in the Abau District of Central Province, and a little boy is seen carried on a bush made stretcher.

They would have already been walking for close to six hours, after he’d been bitten by a Papuan Black snake.

My brother travelling in a vehicle, came across this boy and his family members carrying him. But where to is the question? Not even the nearest hospital -Bailebo Hospital was an option (which is by the way shut down and has no medicines). Thankfully, an uncle of ours from Pelagai who has a gift of treating snake bites, ran into the bush got some herbs and gave it to the boy while successfully removing the fangs.

He survived a Papuan black snake bite from herbal medicine. This poses the worrying question, where are the services? Why are our people dying? He is one of many who have been through this. And most probably one of the very few survivors.


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