Sister Cities: Fiji-PNG Relations to Reach New Levels

Fijian Ambassador tPNG, Romanu Tikotikoca is satisflied withthe current relationship between Papua New Guineaand Fiji.


Ambassador saidthe number of Fijian investors coming intPNG is growing every year.  Atthe same time he praised Papua New Guineas who have been investing in tourism in his country.

The Ambassador was atthe Fiji Family Fun Daywiththe Fijian community in Port Moresby.


Fiji celebrated its 43rd independence onthe 10th of October and today’s event was part ofthe independence celebrations for families in Port Moresby.


Families came out to enjoythe Fijian atmosphere. Some tunes from home had many ontheir feet.


The Ambassador was also invited to take part inthe activities.


Later,In an interview,the ambassador saidthe two countries have a very close relationship in terms of trade and investment.


“Some of our business community here in Papua New Guineaare investing in Fiji inthe tourism industry whilst atthe same timethere is a growing number of Fijians that are coming across to Papua New Guineato invest in various ther businesses,” said Ambassador Tikotikoca.

The two countries are now looking at developing that friendhip and expand to ther areas of cultural exchanges.


“We’re  trying to engage some ofthe provinces here to hook up with some ofthe provinces in Fiji to try and buildthe bond and harness onthe current relationship that we have, and also to increase on people to people relationship, and cultural exchanges, and in trade,” said Ambassador Tikotikoca.

One major area of development isthe introduction of Sister Cities and province relationship.


Lae isthe first city to developthe sister city relationship with Suva.


There are also plans in place to establish province to province relationship betweenthe two countries.

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