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June 24, 2021
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Sir Puka Temu Returns to Our Development Party

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By Annette Kora – EMTV News, Port Moresby Papua New Guinea’s current and alternative Governments are at crossroads as to what to expect in the days leading up to the next parliament sitting, with the numbers game very much still being played between camps. On the Marape side, former Health Minister and Abau MP, Sir Puka Temu, announced his resignation from the Peoples National Congress (PNC) Party as he returns back to the one he co-founded – Our Development Party (ODP). Being one of the key players during Prime Minister O’Neill’s ousting of the 2011 Somare-Government and aligning with PNC to form government, Sir Puka says, the Prime Minister has not been true in honoring his commitments throughout the years of his term. “But having worked with him for the last 7 and now coming to 8 years. I have observed that he is not being honorable. He’s really not honored the commitments that he has and for me as an individual leader in my own right, the commitment that he has given me, for example in this instance is not honored.” He made reference to the supposedly-signed 7 Billion kina rice project in Central Province – an agreement which has never eventuated and he feels his people deserved better. “To me the most frustrating thing was that, that to me was one of the longest negotiated projects that I have ever seen taking over two terms of Parliament. And after cabinet making the decision and Governor General signing the project agreement, that project still has not delivered.” He said this has made him further question O’Neill’s commitment to his words. “It is a slap in the face of myself as a leader who gave a lot of commitment to him and also for the central province as you know we’ve given our land to build the city and where the parliament is. And so when you look at it, there’s really no major project.” He added that PM O’Neill’s micro-management of vital development sectors is breaking down the governance system and further affecting the economy and national security. “We must live within our means, if we live beyond our means than we are making the future generation to pay for the debt that we are accumulating. Its bad leadership if we do that.” Our Development Party was formed after the current government ousted the Somare-Government in 2011 by Sir Puka, and co-founder, Andy Kenemu. Back then, 25 members ran under the party but most did not make it back in the 2017 elections except for Talasia MP, Francis Maneke and Sir Puka Temu. After much perusal from the PNC party, Maneke left ODP for PNC leaving Sir Puka being the only member currently under Our Development Party. https://youtu.be/TLbENFcpZ1E]]>

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