Settlement kids given a chance at education

Education is top ofthe government’s plans starting this year. Some individuals are usingtheir own knowledge, skills and resources to contribute to its implementation.

Mr Nicholas Konial, an Elementary School Teacher by profession, established AIPI Koni Elementary school at Morata-1 four years ago, using his own resources. The purpose of starting up AIPI Koni Elementary is to give local children a chance at education.

One ofthe main reasons for setting upthe school isthe distance children have to travel tothe nearest elementary school, which is Morata Primary.

Atthe momentoMr Konial teaches children in a small house with three small rooms. He has four teaching staff that assists him. The school takes elementary prep; and grades one and two.

Mr Konial has been advised bythe NCDC Education board to registerthe school so that children can formally enroll. 

Meantime, Brian Bell has responded to AIPI Koni elementary. They will help with building materials to extendthe learning environment.

The school is now calling onthe government for added support and to havethe school registered.

Salome VincentoNational EMTV News

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