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July 3, 2020
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Search and Rescue Continues for Sarawaged Trekkers

A team of 11 local men from Komba LLG in the Kabwum District and an officer and nurse from Manolos Aviation are camping at Zamalulu near the Sarawagad Range to continue the search and rescue of the lost trekkers who were walking to Indagen for the Lutheran Church’s 100 years anniversary in Kabwum District.

The men and team Manolos were airlifted in almost two weeks ago and so far, have recovered 11 bodies along with 6 survivors.

Early Yesterday morning, EM TV News flew with the search and rescue team of the lost trekkers that are made up of team Manolos and locals from the area, where the trekker got lost.

Making camp at Zamalulu near the Sarawaged Range since Monday last week almost 12000 feet above sea level.

It is located in the Komba LLG of Kabwum District.

Since the team began camping here, the head of the local men normally sends two separate team of five men to follow the same track the trekkers followed, up the Sarawaged range to look for bodies and survivors.

The area is mountainous and according to the local search and rescue team, most of the trekkers died from cold and hunger, with the weather in the range frigid.

Also among the team was National’s Newspaper Journalist, Pisai Gumar, who previoiusly before leaving for Lae this morning.

The search and rescue will continue until Friday this week. The Provincial Disaster Office in Lae assisted with food and safety gears on the week.

The search and rescued is conducted by Manolos Aviation, with no support from the National and Provincial Government.

By Julie Badui Owa, EMTV News, Lae

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