Sales Opportunities at Laloki

The on-going road block at Laloki to stop buai going into the city has created marketing opportunities for many local residents in the area.

The market has been booming with many residents doing sales along the road block area. The locals have also found good marketing opportunities with the two buai markets being in place.


Many of the residents were happy that the market is now close to them, providing easy access for their sales of buai and other goods. They said that it was a hassle travelling everyday into the city to do sales, but now they have customers coming up to their area, which makes it a lot easier.


On a different note, there have been disagreements between vendors from the Highlands region and local Goilala residents. This was after many Highlanders took up most of the selling spots near the two buai markets.


The locals have complained that the growing number of Highlanders travelling to Laloki and Ruburogo have created problems with the police, and also the local residents. Long-time resident, Ignatus Bauai, said the Highlanders should only sell at the Laloki market, and not interfere with the local sellers.

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