Saii Kay to Release Volume 1 Album

By Elijah Lavett – EMTV News, Port Moresby

Sailas Kania, known to many by his stage name, ‘Saii Kay’ will be releasing his volume 1 album. His album titled Minigulai ENB will start selling at different locations around the country on Friday. It is songs like Sila, Clara, Iau Mainge U and many more that have become hits on PNG air waves.

The young lad from East New Britain Province has produced many singles over the years featuring various PNG artists. This time around, Saii Kay will be launching his volume one album titled “Minigulai ENB”

The album produced under the label ‘Jeldiiy Sounds’ has 15 songs which are sung in English, Tok Pisin and the Kuanua language.

Being the son of PNG music legend, Leonard Kania, the style of music is no different to his fathers. Saii Kay has brought the original “Tolai rock” back into the album. The album will be released on Friday at Vision city and will be sold at K50.

After the first 2 weeks of sales, Papindo will purchase the album and sell it throughout the country.

Saii will be doing his album tour beginning in Port Moresby on the 26th of April at the Cosmopolitan.

The singer has been backed by Niugini Ice, Amalabak logistics, Tokiwa Printing, Jeldiiy Sounds, Cover Note Productions, Ratobon Multimedia and Kreative events.

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Elijah Lavett