Road Audits Important for Control on Costs Involved

By Staycey Yalo, EMTV News, Port Moresby

Institute of Engineers in Papua New Guinea (IEPNG) says there needs to be a control on costs involved in constructing roads in the country to avoid cost inflation. The Institute also stressed that more road audits need to be conducted in the country.

Deputy President, Finkewe Zurecnuoc made these remarks after calling on the Works department to reinstate Brian Alois as Regional Works Manager of Momase. While appreciating the fact that cost of building roads in PNG vary in many parts of the country, the IEPNG feels there should be a set to rates of plants and equipment’s. The set rates are so that contractors can bid competitively.

Ms. Finkewe says, the standard in building roads in PNG is the same but the cost of roads are over and above to what it used to be. She added that the arm of the Works Department that sets rates should be more active.

Works Secretary, David Wereh, in response said, the unit rates are not set by Works Department alone but is determined collectively by the Department and development partners such as Asian Development Bank.

IEPNG’s comments come after the suspension of its President, Brian Alois after his presentation in Lae during the Leader’s Summit on the inflated cost of roads in PNG.

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