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Rigo District Village Demand Reopening of Aid Post

Access of basic health services has been difficult for villagers of Kalo in the Rigo District of Central Province for a while as their Aid Post had stopped operating.

The growing 7,000 population that lives in the village have been traveling to the nearest aid post at Hula to receive medical help and supplies.

It’s about 7miles to travel from Kalo village to Hula. Villagers pay a PMV fee of K5.00 to travel to Hula, and another K5.00 to return.

Kalo Village Elder, Kwago Guria, told EMTV News that this is money the average villager does not have.

The village aidpost is said to be run by the United Church and other key partners, but it faces a major issue with staff shortage.

Village elder, Mr. Guria questions where the money allocated for the health sector to the district has gone to.

The district in the recent past has been faced with a lot of health issues, and Leprosy is one of the major diseases that is causing concerns. Over the years, Kalo district health officers have been piggy-backing on funding for TB and Malaria to combat the fight against leprosy at the village.

While the Central Provincial Government has given its assurance to look into the matter, the urgent plea to have the local aid post open still remains an issue.

Mr. Rim said, medical supplies and equipment are already at the village but there are no staff to help him run the health programs.

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