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Purari Development Trust raises environmental concerns

by Eric Haurupma – EM TV, Port Moresby

The Purari-incorporated landowner company, Purari Development Trust (PDT) has raised environmental concerns on the impact of mining activities in the Purari river basin.

Mining in the Elk-Antelope, Purari Hydro Development and Crater mines is potentially harmful to marine plants and animals. These environmental consequences were highlighted in an interview with EM TV today.

Purari Development Trust was established three years ago to represent the people in the Baimuru district.

For the last two years, it has been the voice of the people. Since the government’s approval for mining activities to proceed in the tenement areas, this entity has been vibrant in addressing issues of environment concern.

Some of these issues include addressing sediment saturation in river systems, forest degradation and river pollution from the mine tailings. Prawn, a huge industry in the area will be greatly affected.  

The Chairman of Purari Development Trust said in terms of service delivery, PDT is the only vehicle that can present the people’s development needs to the government.

“As an entity that focuses on raising the voice of the silent majority in the area, it has affiliated with IPBC to secure funding to carry out its pilot project,” he added.

PDT General Secretary, Ako John said the provincial government also does not have the capacity to provide tangible services in the area.

It was confirmed by Director of Koripi LLG that people have been living in misery for a long time and this entity will act as a mouthpiece to save them.


Eric Haurupma is a UPNG journalism student.

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