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Puka Temu Welcomes Opponents

Hundreds of supporters from Aroma LLG, Amozon Bay LLG and Cloudy Bay LLG flooded in with garden food, betel nut, mats and baskets to present to the sitting member for Abau Open, Sir Puka Temu, as a token of their appreciation for his five years in office.

The campaign rally launch began on Sir Puka’s arrival, with Vanua Avuna traditional dancers escorting him on the field, for him to greet his supporters.

Just when you think the campaign rally would begin, the hosting family had to feed the hundreds who gathered at the event, including the invited guests. One can imagine the amount of time and firewood needed to cook.

The Vice President of the Aroma LLG shared his support for the the sitting member, predicting that Sir Puka would retain his seat for the fourth time.

Former member for Abau in the 80’s, Gerega Pepena, also shared his support, saying that supporters of Sir Puka should not listen to other candidates when they say that the sitting member has done nothing for Abau.

Meanwhile, Sir Puka Temu who is running under the PNC banner, said that the people should not attack or chase off candidates but to allow them to speak because it was their constitutional right to run for elections.

He also defended himself from the accusations by the other candidates saying that there is only so much a candidate can do in his district, and that he was also was a part of the nation’s building.

Sir Puka also explained why he moved to PNC.

The supporters of Sir Puka presented K1 for each 1 vote he would get. A total of K5,000 was given to Sir Puka, some say the figure is most likely the calculation for his base vote.

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