Public Service to Recruit from Uni

The National Government is working aroundthe clock to begin recruiting university graduates directly intothe public service in 2014.


The Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Isaac Lupari said this is one ofthe O’Neill Dion government’s initiatives to addressthe unemployment issue inthe country.

Mr. Lupari madethe announcement atthe University of Papua New Guineawhen donating over Sixty-four thousand kina tothe Economics Students Association.


The National Statistics Office reports thatthe unemployment rate in Papua New Guineais 1.8 percent. Zero point three (0.3) percent recoups university graduates who pass out and hang loose onthe streets in search of jobs.


Reports also indicate thatthese arethe lot that also contributes tothe increasing crime rates inthe country.


Mr. Lupari said Prime Minister Peter O’Neill had given a directive to Public Service Minister Sir Puka Temu to create a cadetship program withinthe public service and begin recruiting directly from universities in year 2014.


“This program will be reintroduced and I’m hoping this will be part ofthe 2014 budget for direct recruitment fromthe university intothe public service,” said Lupari.

Mr. Lupari said this program will not only benefitthe graduates andtheir families but it will cater for the aging work force.


He said once this program beatrs fruitoexpected outcomes will be achieved.


“Whenthere is a big gap inthe office or departmentowe are always looking for people to fit in. And sometimesthe person recruited may not be able to deliver,” Lupari said.

The students’urged government never to overlook human resource development as it isthe way forward to develop all ther sectors.


They proposed a research centre. Last Friday,thPM’s office donated over sixty-four thousand kina to assist equip this center.


Next year,the economics department will host a forum oPNG update and talk aboutthe country’s economy.


Participants from Australia and New Zealand amongst thers are expected to attend.


The school of business and economics are adamant that with sufficient and committed funding assistance and initiatives bythe national government and ther stakeholders,the quality and quantity of elite professional produced from universities will greatly improverthe existing social and economic indicators inthe country.


Caption: Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Isaac Lupari.

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