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By Esther Gahane

Minister for Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, Don Polye said to work closely with the PNG Science and Technology Council Secretariat to protect the intellectual property rights of Papua New Guinean scientists.

Minister Polye said due to lack of technology in PNG, foreign scientists are copying researches and knowledge of Papua New Guinean scientists to manufacture different products using technology in their countries under their own names.

He said whatever knowledge that our scientists derived in PNG is taken out of PNG by foreign scientists to develop products in their own countries under their own names.

“I will work smartly and strongly to stop scientists from other countries coming into this country and using PNG people to take our resources away” he said

Minister Polye said, in the past he has seen such actions because the government did not finance the scientific researches properly, therefore our scientists were helpless, but they were interested in developing knowledge so they shared the researches and knowledge with foreigners.

He said he will make sure that we have money to conduct our own researches, at the same time also develop our own technology so that PNG can own its property’s right.

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