Prime Minister Dispels Rumours

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The Prime Minister has dispelled rumors ofthe Budget being blocked.

Peter Ou2019Neill saidthe budget is very much on targetoand in addition to thatoit is a physically responsible one, consistent withthe priorities of government.

Mr Ou2019Neill saidthe continuous rhetoric regardingthe negative economic performance is misleading and simply designed to diminish investor confidence in PNG

Standing with major lLeadersof coalition partners, William Duma, Patrick Pruaitch and Don Polye atthe media conference this afternoon, Mr Ou2019Neill emphasised thatthe government was stable and thatthe budget would come out on time becausethe government had clear policies.

u201cYou seethe plane loads of people and investors coming intothe country, why arethey here? They are here to do business with us, and thatu2019sthe sort of confidence that this government andthe previous governments have built for our country. And it takes one negative leader of Opposition to destroy that confidence.u201d

The Prime Minister went on to highlights his governmentu2019s major policies being implemented, such as free education, teachersu2019 welfare, Health infrastructure, roads, ports and law & order.

He said allthese are to improverthe quality of service delivery tothe people, while also maintainingthe economic growth ofthe country.

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